“Shibaful” is the world’s first lash lawn mobile accessory brand which uses electrostatic flocking. The green color of the grass is less straining to the eyes and makes people feel at ease. Recreating the peaceful time of being at a park --- brought closer to you with “Shibaful”.

It is made using flock finishing by craftsmen. They have created a special blend of piles in order to remind the user of a park. The piles stand vertically even on the sides and a portion of the edges on the case.

Shibaful is a brand owned by Ag Ltd, the application development corporation from Japan.

In 2013, we established Shibaful as our own lifestyle brand which began working with the lawn iPhone case.

We have developed Shibaful in some figures; Shibaful Park・ShibaCAL by Shibaful・Shibaful Sport and Sundries.

Our design products offer superb design and their new features give them distinct advantages over similar products from other manufacturers.

We are based in Japan market, and through retail sales channels, including ISETAN, Tokyu Plaza, Loft ,App Bank, TSUTAYA Book Store and BEAMS shops. etc in Japan.

In the USA market, we sold through MOMA Store, Opening Ceremony and Bryant Park and other 150 stores in Taiwan, HK and China.




Shibaful's unique design accumulates dust, but use the special cleaning brush to easily remove dust without damaging your lawn. Periodic maintenance will keep your lawn green and beautiful. It can also be washed with water, so wash stains from coffee and other liquids as quickly as possible.

*The Shibaful Cleaning Brush cannot be used with UV coated products. Use with UV coated products will cause the coating to come off, so please refrain from using it.


Electrostatic Flocking

By running a high voltage electrical current through flock (short fibers), which are stuck on the base material such as plastics or metals, with adhesive ,it is possible to stick the flock on perpendicular to the base material. This process is known as electrostatic flocking. It is used often on the insides of glasses cases and the dashboards of cars.

Laser Cutting and Engraving

The markings, engravings, and cutting of our products is done through using the destructive power of the laser beams. It can be used to cut through wood, leather, or even metals. This process is called laser cutting and engraving.

It is often used to carve names for into gifts, processing plastics, or creating models.

This technology is easily accessible for a cheap price, so many people own it.