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Product Description

Shibaful was born in April 2013 as the world’s first lawn-texured iPhone case. Inspired by parks around the world. Our original blend of pile was planted into an iPhone case by skilled craftsmen using electrostatic flocking technology.



Product Name Shibaful -Yoyogi Park- Multi Case L
Compatible Models Size within 80mm*160mm*12mm
Country of Origin China
Materials Polycarbonate、Nylon


How to Care

shibaful_care_300Please regularly use this Japan-made official cleaning brush to maintain good condition of your Shibaful products.

Purchase Shibaful Cleaning Brush here.

How to clean your Shibaful Product.



  • The case uses a sticky sheet to hold your cellphone, so it is possible that your cellphone can’t be attached to the cases due to the material and the shape.
  • The case should not be responsible to your iPhone’s damage in any case.
  • Due to the fabric features, there can be dust adhered and piles falling off.
  • It is possible there will be some greenery in your photo if you shot with flash.
  • The statements above could be changed without any pre-notification.

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Yoyogi Park

Compatible models

Multi L


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