ShibaCAL by Shibaful for iPhone 7 Plus

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Product Description

Shibaful was born in April 2013 as the world’s first lawn-texured iPhone case. Inspired by parks around the world. Our original blend of pile was planted into an iPhone case by skilled craftsmen using electrostatic flocking technology.



Product Name ShibaCAL by Shibaful for iPhone 7 Plus
Compatible Models iPhone7 Plus
Country of Origin Japan
Materials Polycarbonate、Nylon


How to Care

shibaful_care_300Please regularly use this Japan-made official cleaning brush to maintain good condition of your Shibaful products. Do not apply the cleaning brush to the printed part.

Purchase Shibaful Cleaning Brush here.

How to clean your Shibaful Product.



  • Do not apply the cleaning brush to the printed part.
  • The case should not be responsible to your iPhone’s damage in any case.
  • Due to the fabric features, there can be dust adhered and piles falling off.
  • It is possible there will be some greenery in your photo if you shot with flash.
  • The statements above could be changed without any pre-notification.

Additional Information


Camouflage, Dot, Star

Compatible models

iPhone 7 Plus


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